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FMA Fic, "Hazard on the Slopes", G, Roy/Ed

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Title: Hazard on the Slopes
Author: [personal profile] dragonimp
Rating: G
Genre: AU, romance
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: none
Summary: "I dunno, there are worse ways to bump into someone."
Notes: Based on this prompt: "Person A is a really bad skier who accidentally collides with person B, a good skier. Person A feels really bad and sits with person B until the ski patrol comes."

It was a big mountainside, right? Plenty of room. At least that's what Roy had told himself. And yet, somehow, he was careening toward a collision with another skier and all he could do was shout out a warning. He didn't just crash into the small blond—he completely bowled the person over and sent both of them tumbling, skis and poles and limbs everywhere.

"Sorry! I'm sorry!" He fumbled around in the snow, cursing the skis and those damn rigid boots. How did anyone move in these? He finally managed to extricate himself without doing too much damage and awkwardly reached a hand out. "Are you all right?"

The other skier didn't answer right away. From the long hair and short stature he'd been afraid he'd run over a child, but when the skier pulled his scarf down and pushed up his ski goggles he could see that this guy was at least in his twenties. That made him feel slightly less terrible.

"I think you broke my leg."

So much for that.


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