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FMA Fic, "The Hour of the Wolf," Roy/Ed, PG

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Title: The Hour of the Wolf

Rating: PG

Genre: angst

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Warnings: talk of depression, PTSD

For: “Vulnerabilities”


Ed stumbled out into the living room, his half-awake brain honing in on the incessant, obnoxious ringing that had woken him in the fuck-ass hours of the morning.  His feet propelled him forward as he went through his options:  he could ignore it and let Al deal with it; he could unplug the damn thing; or he could pick it up and see who it was like a responsible person.

He stared at the receiver that was now in his hand.  Guess he was going for option three.  Although now that the noise had stopped, the temptation to simply drop the phone and go back to sleep was strong.  But curiosity and the fact that so few people called—and never at this hour—finally won out, and he put the phone to his ear.  “H’lo?”


He blinked, startled awake another two notches.  He knew the voice on the other end, but something didn’t sound right.

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